We have been providing tailor-made post-harvest cooling solutions since 1990.

Over the years much experience has been collected and it is this expereince that we call upon and share with our clients.

Our products and services are highly specialised. We cater for the conventional cooling methods, as well as the highly regarded hydro cooling, high humidity cooling, forced air cooling, pack sheds and vacuum cooling.

While the principals remain content each one of the projects we undertake is different to the others. Through consultation and proper and full assessment we ascertain the exact needs of the client. This means that we address the current AND future needs of the company.

Our design team will determine the right profile for your cooling needs, and we offer full lighting calculations service. We pride ourselves on addressing the exact needs of our client and then accepting the challenge of delivering the appropriate system

Our projects take us to all parts of the country, (such as India, Egypt, Kenya, Mozambique, and Uganda), not to mention all over South Africa.